Weaving tradition into the future



Tansen-4, Palpali, Nepal


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Mayor of Tansen Municipality Mr Ashok Kumar Shahi, has always been positive about the revival of Palpali Dhaka sector as it is a pride product from Palpa district. He has always acted as a guardian for all those who were involved in this sector. He insisted on working as an organization rather than working as an individual industry. He told us that it will be easy for him to support an association rather than a single industry. In the meantime, Mr Baljit Vohra and his team were visiting Tansen, a meeting was conducted in Nanglo west including the workshops owners. Discussion on support needed in the Dhaka sector was done and Baljit realized that this sector needs serious support.

On the other hand, the workshop owners were frustrated competing
with each other. The reality of the Dhaka sector was much worse. Due to the competition, factory owners couldn’t pay the weavers well and they couldn’t increase the rate of the product. In reality, the price of the product was decreasing due to unhealthy competition. Some of the owners were in the meeting with Baljit. They proposed the idea of opening an association and starting the project for the revival of Palpali Dhaka sector. All these parallel incidents that took place at the right time and right place played a vital role in the establishment of Palpali Dhaka Association. Various meetings were conducted and organizations like Tansen Municipality, Palpa chamber of commerce were involved in the planning and opening of Palpali Dhaka Association.

Thus, the association was formed.

Funded by the British Embassy in Kathmandu, UKaid SEEP, is brokering transformational partnerships with the private and public sector to propel the growth of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in priority sectors–commercial agriculture, light manufacturing, tourism, ICT, and construction – primarily in Madhesh Province and Lumbini Province. SEEP uses an innovative
Challenge Fund to expand market-aligned skilling, affordable financial products, and ethical migration services linked to gainful livelihoods for Nepalis and support transformation and growth within industries.

UKaid Skills for Employment (सीप) Programme’s partnership with the PDA is designed to support the revival of the Palpali Dhaka industry for sustainable job/self-employment creation and enterprise growth. Like the Dhaka Industry, uses a demand-driven sector development approach, working with the most promising and committed local firms to drive labour, firm, and value chain-level improvements as well as promotion of a conducive regulatory enabling environment to boost the competitiveness, inclusiveness, and attractiveness of Nepali industries.

Weaving tradition into the future

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